Tour Guide

1. Preview the following pages:

Home Page:
  This displays a sample of galleries in the Ned Paynter Collection. You can click on any of the images and open a gallery. There also is a brief summary of the contents of the site and a list of recently-added galleries.

About Page:
Here you will find a biography of Ned Paynter and more about the contents of the collection.

Search Page: This page allows you to search the whole site by keywords. It also has some tips for optimizing your search. Just for fun, type in the word  fountains  and see how many images appear.This is a good place to start if you are searching for a very specific image.

Galleries Page: This page lists all the Galleries in alphabetical order and then is followed by Collections, galleries that are grouped together by category for easier navigation. Note: People are in a first name first order.  Frank Lloyd Wright images are divided into 3 separate galleries. Galleries which do not fit into a definite category can be found in the Special Niches Collection.

2. Choose a Gallery and click to open:

The default setting is 25 images on a page, but if you want more or fewer images per page, click on the View Options Tab above the images. You can choose as few as 10 or up to 100 per page. You can also enable image preview by checking the box. If you want to see a larger image, hover your cursor over the image.  If you want to see the images as a slide show, click on the slide show tab ( next to View Options tab), and a slide show screen will appear. Again, you have options: pause, show thumbnails, share the show with a friend, make it full screen.

Note: The search box on the Gallery page is used to search within the gallery only, so if you want a wider search, go to the Search tab on the navigation bar above.

3. Select an image that appeals to you and click to open:

A large image appears and you will find a file number, a caption, keywords, and a comments and rating system. You can send the image to a friend or buy a print, download an image, purchase a high resolution image or add the image to a lightbox. You can use the forward and back arrow to view other images in the gallery. The lightbox is a neat feature for selecting your favorites in a gallery and  sharing images with others. Note: to download an image or create a light box you will be asked to register. There is no charge for this. It is a free service.

4. Bookmark the Ned Paynter Collection:

Make sure you check back often for new gallery offerings. To purchase prints or download high resolution images, click the Buy tab to order.